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We’ve eScooters for everyone. From the commute to work or school, to having fun out and about. With a eScooters covering a range up to 50km (30miles) we’ve got you covered.

Some have seats, some go faster, some go further but whatever type of eScooter you require we’ve got one for you, fully tested and with a comprehensive warranty and fast delivery. eScooters for all budgets, all ages and all requirements. 

Scoot your commute!


Our eBikes offer a range of unique features. Most are foldable so you can put it in the boot of your car ideal for holidays, short breaks or making use of park and ride schemes; and all have a good range on pure electric power alone up to 60km (40miles) without even needing to pedal! Much further of course if you do make use of those legs and burn some calories.

Available in a range of sizes, colours and options we’ve got the right eBike for you. Covering all budgets and ages with comprehensive warranty and fast delivery.

electric Skateboards

Finally, affordable and high quality electric skateboards are available. Tired and tested by our passionate riders. Bring out the teenager in you. We’ve different sizes, top speeds, weight and range to suit all ages, and budget.

From the small but incredibly fun H2J mini skateboard that comes with super cool and funky lighting to the big electric longboard capable of incredible speed and range. It even comes with a carry handle. All are remote control of course.

All come with comprehensive warranty and fast delivery so get your electric skateboard today. You know you want one.


Every product is fully tested to BCSI and ISO9001 standards before sale ensuring quality product on delivery. We test the battery, stress test the chassis, frame and age test everything so we can be sure our products last. We also offer comprehensive warranty on all our products.

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