The S85 Fast, Reliable, Convenient

Electric Scooter – S85 (Similar to Xiaomi 365)

So, you’ve seen people whizzing about your neighbourhood on electric scooters. They seem pretty fast, they seem reliable and they seem convenient; that’s because electric scooters embody all of these things. They’re fast, reliable and a convenient means of transport at an affordable cost, no scooter embodies this more than the S85. 

The S85 isn’t the fastest scooter out there, on our website we offer some that can go up to 55 km/h, the S85 sticks to a modest 25 km/h, enough to get you around on time at a reasonable pace. If you’ve seen any Xiaomi scooters out there like those sold by pure electric or Halfords? this is the same top speed, you’ll see there. The main difference however is the motor power, top speed is one thing, but achieving it can be another. Do you go up hills a lot on your commute? Will you be travelling with a heavy bag? These things impact how fast your scooter can go and having a powerful motor is the most important thing in negating that. This is where the S85 pulls away from it’s direct competitors with a 350w motor, that’s 100w more than the M365, meaning the scooter will pull you along just fine. 

Reliability is another key feature of any transport, the S85 meets this category as well, all of our scooters are tested by our supplier before being shipped over to us, this means each should withstand the daily usage many put them through on their daily commute. Just be careful not to get them wet! Riding through puddles on wet days can lead to water getting inside of the battery and causing damage, so unless you are being extra careful, I’d stay out of the rain. These scooters are water resistant, not waterproof.

Finally, the main reason everyone seems eager to get an e-scooter these days, is the convenience. Do you live somewhere where parking space is always fought over? Do you live in a flat and a bike is cramping your house? Is it simply costing too much to refill your car for a short commute each week? Well the S85 is a solution to all these issues. With a sturdy range of 25 kilometres, you needn’t worry about running out of battery on your way to work or study, if you do however, it only takes 4-5 hours to fully charge, and since it’s electrically powered, that means it takes 8p to fully charge one of our scooters. You could even fold it flat to charge under your desk at work or to keep it compact while stored at home.

Electric Scooter – S85 (Similar to Xiaomi 365)

So, you have seen all that the S85 has to offer, and perhaps most importantly you are wondering how much does a scooter like this cost considering what it’s capable of? Well, that might be the single best feature of the S85, it is only £299! That puts it a whopping £169 cheaper than Pure Electric’s M365, for a scooter that is more powerful and almost identical in all other features.  Can’t wait to buy one? Well you can order one today at escooterplanet.com

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