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Your First Electric Scooter

For those of you in the UK you’ll soon be seeing a site many others around the World have been seeing for a while now. The electric scooter!

In many cities around the globe the electric scooter is the perfect mode of getting from A to B, quickly, cheaply and green. No taxi. No car journey. No bus. Just pick up an electric scooter usually lying around nearby, pay the hire fee with your phone and off you go. Click finished when done with it and you’re charged for your time. Simple.

Finally, the UK is waking up to this green form of transport and encouraging people to avoid public transport, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic and use a bike instead to get to work. But also they are looking to finally legalise electric scooter use in the UK. Whether that is just for hire or private use that is still under discussion but we are already seeing people out and about on their own electric scooter whether just for fun or their travel to work. But what is the ideal first electric scooter or e-scooter?

For many it’s the standard 25km/h (15mph) model commonly seen. For example the S85 as seen in our shop. It has 2 modes with top speeds of 15 or 25km/h, good range of around 20km (12 miles), is light, foldable, well lit with front and rear lights and very safe with brake light and disk brakes. Most importantly it’s affordable. It’s the reason it’s one of Europe’s top sellers.

But for other’s they want something faster. Some go up to 45km/h (28mph) and have side LED lighting, full suspension, bigger tyres, bigger battery which means greater range of up to 50km (30miles) such as the L002 which has dual 600W motors or the Kugoo Kirin M4 with one 500W motor, with or without a seat. Both very very good and well built scooters.

Whatever you choose you have to weigh up what you need it for? Do you just need it for the commute to work, or to hop across town? In which case the S85 is perfect. Why pay more for features you don’t need. But if you want fast, and your commute is perhaps a bit further away and a seat would be nice, then go for the Kirin M4 or L002, plus others I hasten to add, we’ve a large selection on our website.

Whatever you need, we are here to help and advise. So Scoot Your Commute today with eScooterPlanet.com

The future of city travel – the electric scooter.

With the start of a new decade certain perspectives are put in hindsight and new ideas are brought forwards, with the increased scrutiny of daily lifestyles and their contributions towards climate change, many people are looking at alternatives to their daily travel needs, greener and less wasteful solutions than driving. This is no less the case in the UK, with taxes being introduced in cities and congestion charges and even car bans being planned for future town centres. This begs the question of how people will travel to work in a world that won’t let them drive, and in situations where public transport just won’t cut it. Is the electric scooter the answer?

Many cities are grappling with solutions to the issues of commuters and the inability to get to work without a car, it being either too far to drive or bike, arriving to work sweaty during the summer isn’t ideal, and with record temperatures each year the need for a more efficient and smooth way to travel is necessary and cities and countries are finally starting to realize that E-scooters and electric transport is likely going to be the future. 

New York recently announced plans to legalize E bikes and electric scooters in a move that’ll make commuting throughout the city much easier. Similarly with the current outbreak of Coronavirus, the use of E-scooters in the city is rapidly growing as people seek to deliver food and supplies to those who need it without access to a car.  Similarly in the UK the government is airing discussions on whether to legalize the use of Ebikes and electric scooters (e-scooters) to ensure people can travel to work and that pollution goals are achieved.

What this essentially means is that now is the perfect time to get an e-scooter or E-bike, it’s new technology that’s going to become integral in the movement of people throughout cities, ontop of that, it’s fun to ride and helps reduce pollution without the cost of an electric car that locks people into fossil fuels.  

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